Thursday, June 2, 2011

Beta #3

when we got to dr.d's office this morning all the girls were soooo excited. it was awesome.
after they took my blood, they scheduled my ultrasound.

i told them i didn't want to wait long, but would rather wait until the chance is better that we will see a heartbeat. sooooo, we have to wait two weeks. ultrasound was scheduled for June 16th. (6w6d)

then the waiting began......

i called best friend and asked her to entertain me for the day...... i needed something to do, as i didn't have to work.

around 12:30 i started to watch the clock. 1:30 they still hadn't called. 1:45 i was starting to panic...... i was getting afraid of bad news. 2:00 i texted one of the girls in the office. i told her i was starting to freak out.
she said they just got results and would call soon, and everything was fine:)

half an hour later the phone FINALLY rang.

they said it was good news!!


i was so excited my whole body was shaking. i couldn't even help it.

bestie had a friend at her house when i got the was funny. i didn't want to say anything in front of "L" so i took the call privately. bestie's hubs came out of his office and did a little dance so "L" didn't see, and when "L" had her back turned to bestie, she did the same little dance. they were so cute xoxo

please lord let this 2 weeks go by quickly and with no reason for me to panic. and please lord let these next 34-36 weeks be uneventful and full of happiness, with a healthy little baby g (the oatmeal raisin baby) growing perfectly inside me.


  1. That is amazing! Yeah for sticky beans!

  2. YAY!!!!!!
    I am so, so, so happy for you!
    Congrats, mama! You've got a baby in there!

  3. Wonderful news... CONGRATS :)) How exciting !! Thinking of you always xoxo