Sunday, July 25, 2010

IVF # 2

this month has been the well deserved break that i needed...... a little vacation, lots of sun, a little drinking, one night out til 4am. Man i needed to have a good time!! I actually forgot what a hangover felt like. Yesterday I woke up, and could not figure out why i felt like such garbage...that was until DH woke up and suggested i might be hung over.....WOW!!

2 weeks ago we went to see a new RE, Dr. P. (this has been the only doctors appt we have been to in a couple weeks!) he knew why we were there without me even saying anything.... he knew we wanted to do another fresh cycle, before touching our frozen blasts, and he was very receptive.... but asked us to be sure this is what we wanted to....

so, it's official. We are getting ready for IVF #2.
I am going back to no alcohol, no caffeine, and no nights out til 4am!
I would like to start to do some yoga. If anyone has any suggestions for a good DVD so that i can do yoga at home please let me know.
also, i will be doing a little hypnosis. i LOVE hypnosis!! i have lost weight, and quit smoking by way of hypnosis, so maybe it will help as well. :D

just waiting for AF. she should be here around august 4th.

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