Tuesday, July 6, 2010

advice please! need some opinions!!

i am very blessed. i am blessed to have health insurance that is amazing. my insurance has full coverage for infertility. with an unlimited lifetime maximum.
before you all hunt me down and beat me with tire irons, please know that my health insurance will no longer be covering me as of november 7, 2010. with the end of my coverage coming soon, and not enough $$$ to pay for fertility (ivf) treatments on our own, i have an unbelievable sense of urgency to take advantage of every minute of coverage that i have.

as of today, we have 2 frozen embryos ready to go. i also have 4 months to get as much done as possible. i am still waiting for AF before i can do anything. it's killing me. i feel like time is wasting.

when we went in for our failed ivf follow up, dh and i asked dr. d about the potential of doing a fresh ivf cycle next. a cycle where we would do stims harder to create more follicles, and therefore maximize the number of potential embryos available before my coverage runs out. we wanted to do this as FET cycles are significantly cheaper than a fresh ivf cycle.
dr. d did not want to do this. he said, "this is just how it's done." and followed up with, "you should have plenty of time to get in a frozen and fresh cycle before november 7th."
sounded good to us.
but now, as i have not gotten a period yet, the clock continues to tick..... tick tock... will we have time for two more cycles??? first a frozen then a fresh??

and then, i got a letter in the mail today from dr. d's office...... letters are always about money....if they wanted to talk to me about anything else, it would have been in person. so, i was not so excited to open the letter.

the letter said, "as a result of increasing costs and declining insurance reimbursements, we are now requiring patients with insurance coverage for ivf to place a deposit equal to 50% of the standard fees for services rendered...."

we don't have that money.

so now what???

i am thinking maybe i should check out some other clinics in the area..... as the clock ticks on, maybe i can find a doctor who would be happy to accept my insurance for another fresh cycle before it runs out, and then worry about frozen cycles after we make some more embies.

i really do like dr.d's office. i really don't want to switch. i love the nurses, they know me and my crazy quirks. but maybe this is a sign. a sign that i should at least check out my options, and take advantage of the insurance.

bloggers please if you have advice, today i need it!!!!


  1. I would go ahead with the frozen transfer with Dr. D. While that is underway, start your research for a new clinic. This way, if need be, you can jump right over to the new clinic if the FET doesn't take.

    I will say from personal experience, the FET is SOOOOOOO much easier on your body. I really think that not having the stress of a fresh transfer on your body can really increase your odds of success!

    The FET cycle will only take about 6 weeks, so if it doesn't work, you'll have plenty of time to jump into your fresh cycle. If AF doesn't start soon I would ask for a prescription of prometrium to get the show on the road. Let the doc know you are pressed for time.

  2. I agree with Emily... I would go forward with the frozen transfer with your current Dr. and look for other clinics in the meantime. I am not in the health/medical industry, but I have to believe that clinics totally understand when things change (aka: medical insurance) and you need to make the best decisions for you at the time. Speaking from a perspective of not having *much* covered in ways of fertility, my advice... take advantage of all you can!