Tuesday, October 11, 2011

WTF Appt

we had it today.

i called yesterday to schedule it.... thinking i had time to finish up on some research i hard started... turns out dr. d is going to a fertility conference tomorrow, so they scheduled it for today. so ready or not, we went. i walked into dr. d's office and he said, "i'm really glad you are still smiling.". meanwhile i was a little scared dh was going to punch dr. d in the head if he didn't hear things he wanted to.

so here it is.... the facts as we know them.
- ivf #1- antagonist protocol. 9 follicles retrieved. 7 fertilized. ok quality embryos. transferred 2 at day 3. two made to blast and frozen at day 5. biochemical pregnancy. methotrexate shot.
-ivf #2- cancelled due to 2 lead follicles nothing else worth retrieving. (long lupron protocol)
-fet #1- 2 day 5 partially hatched embryos transferred. good quality. pregnancy. blighted ovum. d&c. karyotyping of products of conception came back as normal.
-ivf #3- antagonist protocol higher dosage of meds. 8 follicles retrieved. 7 fertilized. 2 good quality embryos, 5 not so great. transferred one perfect (no fragmentation) and one very good embryo on day 3. nothing left to freeze.
- AMH is officially low. (.29) FSH is normal
- all other testing has come back within acceptable levels.

the plan
- barrage of testing. dr. d thinks this could be an egg quality issue (low AMH) and also could be an implantation issue.
testing to be done for immune issues related to implantation, as well as clotting disorders. also i asked for karyotyping for both me and dh. (dr. d didn't think it would show anything, but will do it.)
- i mentioned the trouble at transfer time. (being dilated during transfer and the stress that might have caused). dr. d suggested another hysteroscopy to open my cervix back up, and also endometrial biopsy (again to look for implantation issues).
- continue on all vitamins...prenatal, dha, melatonin. add dhea (50mg in morning 25mg at night). dr. d said i could do coq10 if i wanted, but did not think it would help.
-next cycle. higher dosage of meds(same protocol)..... try to get more follicles. no pgd(embryos won't make it...they are better off inside me) day 3 transfer of at least 3 embryos. acupuncture.
- me- i'm going to take care of myself. healthy diet. excersize and yoga. a little red wine every once in a while. little caffiene (i drink 1 cup of decaf almost every day). acupuncture and happy thoughts

i feel good. i am happy with the way things went today. dr. d is doing all the testing i wanted done. (mostly his idea.... just a few things that i brought up). the bottom line is..... i just want this to work.


  1. I'm glad you feel reassured. You've really been through it. Hopefully you'll get some answers with the new testing.

  2. Glad you left feeling positive!!! Wishing you all the best!

  3. I'm glad you were able to get the testing you want without much pushing. I just want this to work for you also.

  4. That's a lot of information! I'm glad you were able to get the testing done that you wanted and that you have a plan for the next step. That always seems to help.

  5. Glad it went well and that you are gonna be able to get that testing done! We all want this to work for you too :) xo

  6. Happy and hopeful are all good adjectives to use when leaving a WTF appointment. Glad you have a solid plan.

  7. glad you are feeling better. i definitely know how you are feeling. i've been exactly there. i hope that this next cycle is it!

  8. I am glad you are feeling better, it is always helpful to have a plan. What about vitamin D? I know you live in sunny Florida so it may be a non issue but some studies suggest it may help with egg quality. My newest RE suggested I start taking it, I've been taking one a day since May. I'm not sure if it was the trick or not but I figure it can't hurt.

  9. As far as the dilation goes, can't they place a stitch on your cervix prior to the transfer. That is what they did for me and they literally just tug on the stitch string so they don't have to dilate you (because that is what they did for my first transfer and it ended in a BFN).

    I am sorry to hear that you are going through all of this. What do they do about low AMH?

  10. Well it sounds like you are positive with the direction he has suggested and you are taking all the right measures to get some answers and prevent this from happening again.

  11. Girl, you are strong. What a crazy ride you've been on. Glad to hear you are feeling good about the next steps and got some answers.

    When does next cycle start?

  12. Wonderful that you have a plan that you feel good about... I always feel so much better when I can focus forwards :) Thinking of you and hoping your next step is the one that works xoxo