Sunday, November 21, 2010

Welcome November ICLW!

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So here's the story.....

Me: 31. Dx: Doctor #1 = Cervical Stenosis Doctor #2 = Unexplained. Either way, i don't really care what the diagnosis is.... would just like to get off this ride. started TTC January 2009. started seeing an RE January 2010. 2 IUI's = BFN, IVF #1 = chemical, treated as an ectopic, IVF #2 = Canceled. Right now we are on a break. partially because we are waiting for insurance benefits to kick in, but mostly so i don't rip each and every hair out of my head. i needed a mental health break :D We have 2 day five beautiful and perfect blasts on ice, just need some time to get back to me.

DH: 32. No Issues. Amazing. Supportive. Perfect. He will be the most amazing dad ever. When I realized how amazing a father he would be, I decided this was the man that I will marry.

Now we are saving money, and getting healthy..... in a mind, body and soul kind of way. and praying to get through the holidays without too much drama! :D

Here is my extra long story if you are interested....

Basically, all i ever wished for is to be a mom.
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  1. Here from ICLW. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Mental Health break... I SO understand that! Heck, mine was 6 years long! I hope you are feeling rejuvinated and uplifted by the time you start trying again. Good Luck!

  2. Stopping by from ICLW :-) It must be wonderful knowing you have two perfect blasties just waiting on ice for you when you're ready - wishing you all the best when you do decide tomove forward with them. A break can sometimes do the world of good! I had a 3 month break before commencing the IVF cycle that resulted in my BFP as I just felt sometimes we need it. All the best Jes!

  3. Hello! Checking in on you and hoping all is well. Thinking of ya!

    Mrs. D

  4. Hi from ICLW. I hope your mental health break gives you everything you need!

  5. Hope you break is helpful and your next IVF is your last :)

    ICLW #66

  6. I could imagine needing a good long mental health break after all you two have been through. Can you ever really escape though... I wonder about that sometimes. I look forward to following you along your journey! I hope your ride is short! Happy ICLW!

  7. Awh! Lovely description of your hubby! Just dropped by from ICLW! Hope you have a great week!


  8. Here from ICLW :) Best wishes, prayers and sticky baby dust to you for your next cycle!

  9. Oh yes...sometimes those mental health breaks are a gigantic help. :-D Hope you're able to find your calmness throughout the holidays as well.

    ICLW #185

  10. Hello from ICLW #31! It is great that you recognize that taking care of yourself is sooo important in this process! Great perspective.. it is also wonderful that you are going to have insurance coverage!

  11. Hello
    First time to your blog via ICLW week, and a new blogger. A break is great, you will know when you're ready again, and best of luck w/your waiting EmBabies!
    Look forward to follwoing your journey.
    The Cs