Friday, October 29, 2010

CD 28

if it were one year ago and i was on CD 28 i would be POAS. but this year i am not. last year i did not make it to CD28 EVER! i am a 26 day girl. that is just how it is.... even when i was on the pill and not TTC.

but this year, this time CD 28 is not so shocking. last cycle was 20 days, the one before that was 47 days, the one before that was 22 days. i guess really, i haven't had a normal AF since March, after IUI #2. 7 months without a normal period. i don't even remember what normal felt like.

no symptoms of that bitch AF either. no boob soreness, which is usually my dead give away.

oh well..... we shall see.

i know one thing for sure. the break will be good for getting AF back on a (hopefully) regular schedule.


  1. I totally get where you are coming from... it sucks when you don't even know what "normal" is for your body.

    Thinking of you!