Tuesday, December 13, 2011

ready or not

we have a schedule ladies and gentlemen. (well, i don't think any men read this blog..... but if you do)

i went this morning for cycle planning and an ultrasound. it's so funny when they do an ultrasound how much they know. she said i ovulated on the right side, probably about two days ago. (which is the same as what i was thinking). and i should get AF in about 12 days.

schedule is as follows
AF to come sometime around dec 23-25
bcp on CD 3
stop bcp on jan 8 (no matter what day i start bcp)
stim start on jan 13 (friday the 13th....)
stim is usually 8 or 9 days
retrieval on jan 23 or 24
we will do icsi and assisted hatching
day 3 transfer of 3 embabies on jan 26 or 27
beta around feb 8

so i am excited and nervous.....

i am at that point where it seems like everyone around me is preggo.... and this is the perfect time for things to happen because our little bambino(s) would have the best little play group..... my playgroup wouldn't be so bad either ;)

i am filled with hope and praying so hard for a take home baby in 2012.


  1. I'm hoping you get to take home a baby in 2012 too...I hope this cycle goes really smoothly!

  2. Yay for dates! And we all are hoping that you get a take home baby in 2012.

  3. That sounds like a great plan! I am hoping that you get your take home baby in 2012!

  4. Yay for a schedule and here's to take-home babies for everyone in 2012!

  5. So ready to cheer you on! Hooray for a schedule and hooray for a 2012 take home baby!!

  6. Ooooh we are cycling at the same time. I start Lupron on the 8th and stims on the 18th. Holding good thoughts for you!

  7. Yay for a schedule! Overflowing with hope for you! :)

  8. Awesome on the schedule and praying that 2012 is your take home baby year!! I'll be reading and supporting every step of the way.

  9. Yay for the schedule! Here's to 2012 being your year!

  10. we are on ALMOST THE SAME SCHEDULE!!! i expect my retrieval to be around jan. 25.

  11. It's me again!

    I've given you an award. Please come pick it up at my blog: http://rowan6.blogspot.com/2011/12/thank-you-for-award-part-2.html

  12. Good luck for your cycle! Hope it will bring you the miracle your waiting for!
    You'll be about a month ahead of me (we'll probably start our first IVF cycle in the end of January/beginning of February, if no miracle happens before then).

  13. Hi. I am a new follower to your blog. We have our first ivf cycle at the end of February. I look forward to following your journey and hope you get a sweet baby.

  14. I just found your blog and wanted to let you know that I'll be following along! I hope this next cycle goes wonderfully :)