Friday, January 14, 2011

weekend away

DH and I are going to St Augustine this weekend....
His brother lives there with his family, and we will be celebrating my niece L's 5th birthday.

I can't even believe she is 5 already.

I will need strength to make it through a small child's birthday party. My SIL belongs to a mom's club. hopefully the mom's stay away from me and don't ask any questions about baby making. some of SIL's friends know about our situation (long story) and i have been blind-sided with questions before.....

so excited to see them though!!

wish me luck, will post when we get home!!


  1. Have a great trip. I hope the party isn't too rough, I find having a good attitude can really help. That and the breeders leaving you alone!

  2. I hope your trip goes well and the party goes well. Enjoy getting away and out of town!