Wednesday, January 5, 2011

my new calendar

i bought a new calendar yesterday. usually i get one for christmas, i hang it up and never think twice.
but yesterday i went out and planned to get a calendar.... it was exciting to pick out my own.
this calendar is beautiful. and has very girly pictures. so girly that DH asked what i was going to do with it.
so i sat down with my 2009 calendar and copied all the birthdays, anniversaries and so on. (i used 2009 because i didn't even bother with writing down any special dates for 2010, i just didn't care) and as i scanned through each month, i remembered 2010.....
march 16, march 17, may 9, may 21, june 4, june 9, june 20, june 25, june 28, sept 24...... life changing days.

i have always been one of those people who don't remember the date when something bad has happened. like the day that someone died. i don't remember those days. i know there are a lot of people that do, i guess it's like some sort of sub-conscious self preservation thing. it has always been good for me. but this year, those dates just stick. i don't know if they will ever leave my mind. and the vivid memories of each day..... they are here with me now.

and then i thought about what 2011 will bring..... i looked at the pictures for each month and they made me smile. they made me so hopeful. april and august are my favorite pictures...... i hope they bring great dates to remember!

someone posted on FB today: "What is the one word that describes what you want 2011 to be?"

i didn't write my response but only one word came to mind...... fertile :)

what is your word??


  1. There's something about a pretty calendar that can make you feel calm and excited about the upcoming year.

  2. Oooh, that is hard, one word. Fertile is a good one, but i know i need more than fertility to take home the baby. Health? baby? Don't know.Whatever it is, may 2011 be our year!!

  3. I copy down things for the current year from last year's calendar, too!

    My word for what I want 2011 to be? That's a tough one.

    Blessed. In so many ways...