Monday, January 27, 2014

september cycle start. or not.

so we were going to wait and start the cycle in september….. i felt so much better  

that gave me about 26 days to deal with health insurance, order meds, set up the PGD, get my acupuncturists on board and make my ute baby ready.

it went fast.  i dealt with all the shit i thought i needed.  september 21 came and so did AF.  went in for day 3 labs and cycle start.  the ivf nurse mentioned we hadn't done the genetic screening.

i think maybe someone might have mentioned that….. why didn't anyone follow up, or put it on my checklist of shit you must do.

i'm not sure.

sooooo we had to push it back another month.  we had the blood drawn and shipped out that day for the genetic testing.


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