Monday, February 6, 2012


still in the wait..... waiting forever!! i tried to get my clinic to let me have beta today.... no such luck.

my last two ivf cycles i have kept track of symptoms each day during my 2ww. this time i didn't. partially because i didn't want to make myself crazy thinking about symptoms, and partially because i was being lazy.
but i just want to write a few things down.... this is more for me than anything else. but read on if you want

sat 11dp3dt- felt pretty good. boobs still sore only on the sides and sensitive nipples. was tired during the day.... rested until work at 5. during work was super thirsty but felt pretty good. sleeping has been crappy. difficult to be comfortable all night.

sun 12dp3dt- worked during the day. felt good in morning.... very hungry. around 1:30 started to get cramps. was supposed to work until 5. left at 3 because of cramping. went home to lay down for a while.....felt ok. went to friends for superbowl....spent the whole time on the couch....cramping and feeling cold. got up only to eat and pee. home by 8. in bed by 8:30. still cramping. took some tylenol to help with cramps and mild headache. woke up once to pee in the night. again difficulty sleeping all night.

mon 13dp3dt- up again to pee at 7:30. spotting. brown. just barely a little red. FREAKED OUT!! wiped about a million times after that.... continue spotting but only brown. cramping continues. also in am lots of sneezing and nose blowing.
called dr office on the way to work. they told me to go home. went to work, was there for about 15 min and got sent home. boss said to leave. home and in bed by 11:30. stil cramping, but going to rest the rest of the day.

please please please let this be good. please.


  1. I am thinking of you and hoping time will pass quickly until you get your beta tomorrow. All your signs seem like good ones to me :) Hang in there.

  2. Thinking about you!!! What day can you have your Beta again?

    Rest and Rest my dear!!!!!

  3. Hoping that your beta is a good number tomorrow. Good luck! Take it easy too, please.

  4. I have been thinking about you! I am glad to read an update. I hope that these are great signs. Good luck tomorrow.

  5. wishing my beta was tomorrow.... later in the week ladies!! will need your positive thoughts this week

  6. Fingers crossed (with a kitty on my lap).

  7. This waiting is the hardest part. Keeping everything crossed for you.

  8. I feel for you - the two is the worst. Hope it is all worth it and then some tomorrow. keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  9. FWIW, I had spotting and cramping with my two BFPs, both my chemical pregnancy in August 2009 and my recent twin pregnancy. So it could be a good sign.

    The waiting is such a roller coaster. Hoping for a good result for you!

  10. omg im really keeping my fingers crossed for u, y dont u poas and see what happens!